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Transactional Analysis

Do you struggle gaining a Productive perspective and understanding situation?

Are you at times not aware of your own emotions and surprise with your own behavior?

Want to master s on the behavior and not the person as such? 

If YES Join Now!!
Transactional Analysis(TA) is a popular system of social psychology  developed by Eric Berne in the 1950s. It reals how our personality is structured psychologically. 
           👉🏼TA can help you Understand Behavior and Social Relationship. 

           👉🏼It reveals how our personality is structured psychologically. 

           👉🏼Its application to everyday living provides a systematic approach to understanding the links between human needs and                                 behaviors.

Who can Learn it?

This course is beneficial to Managers, Counselors, HR executives, Parents, Management Students, Senior School Students. 


                *Anybody who is interested in enhancing their relationships and leading a better life.

Benefits of learning TA

It promotes personal reflection

It helps people find more effective ways to communicate

 It can help eliminate unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and actions

It can help people take responsibility for their thoughts and action

This Holistic TA program

📌Explore possibilities to solve issues and understand feelings

 📌Manage conflicts with positive mindset

 📌Effectively collaborate with individuals in this agile work from home condition

 📌Learn assertive ways to talk about what you want

📌Discover how to Engage in a pattern recognition to affect both team work and personal effectiveness

📌Recognize personal obstacles and how they impede personal success

This program has been curated to help individuals transcend from every obstacle and rediscover themselves.