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    IAPCCT Accredited Life Coach Certification that enables you to kick start your Coaching and Counselling career.

Online Life Coach Certification

Do you wish you could help people reach their desired results?

Want to support individuals maximize full potential?

Have the flair to influence and want to build a career out of it?

Want to enhance your teams members performance and get them clarity?

If YES!!!!! Then you have reached your destination...

We at NLPAcademy-IN train people to become successful Life Coach.

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Date : 06 - 18 Nov, 2023

Time: 07:00 pm - 09:30 pm IST

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Program Details

What will you Learn?
Who Should Attend?

         Life Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Life coaches focus on the future of individuals and work to identify possible areas for self-improvement, personal growth and professional development. Coaching carries a highly-transferrable skillset and boundless range of potential applications; from management to advancing mental wellbeing, to teaching, parenting or even profound personal growth.                                                                                   

        Coaching is something you do, not just something you know. It's an amazing, influencing life skill that grows as time goes by, and, this program encourages self reflections and the magic mantra is "practice, practice and practice". Just as you wouldn't learn to cooking by only reading recipes, you will develop coaching skills as you work on yourself during the course and practice with other people.

        This Life Coaching Certification Course is built to equip you with all the required knowledge and insights you need to establish yourself as a professional life coach. You will explore ways to support individuals in the process of defining their personal (or professional) goals, backed up with a time-proven strategy for converting these goals into physical outcomes.                                                                                                                                                                                          

        The coaching methodology presented throughout this training is based on 5000+ hours of coaching experience, varied in scope and incorporates new innovative coaching methods. This unique online learning experience will equip you with all of the knowledge, skills and resources you need to form a sophisticated and professional coaching practice.                                                                                                                                                                         25 hours of intense training (2.5 hours/ day)

  Self Exploration - 2 days
 access to recording for convenience
15+ tools and techniques     
10 plus practice session
User friendly ready-to-use document in pdf format
 Certificate of Completion affiliated by IAPCCT
  Experience level required: Beginner  

What will you Learn?
      • Assist individuals in establishing a motivating and positive goal.
      • Designing a robust action plans to help individuals attain their goals.
      • Raise awareness in people with robust questioning processes.
      • Identifying unhelpful behaviour and coach people to modify and change the same.
      • Communicate with people in a way that builds trust and rapport.
      • Enhance Social awareness and develop essential people skills.
      • Empathetically identify limiting beliefs, negative attitudes and habits.
      • Implement a valuable set of perspectives and coaching models.
      • Fast-track your personal growth and professional development.
      • Cultivate self-awareness, self-discipline and social effectiveness.
      • How to design and deliver a succession of Life Coaching sessions.
      • PLUS: Get access to the exclusive online community support group.
    Who Should Attend?
  • HR Heads, HR Managers, Training Managers, L & D Professionals.
  • Trainers, Consultants, Mentors
  • CEOs, CXOs, Business Heads, Directors, General Managers
  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
  • CEOs, Senior Leaders, Line Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Sales Professionals etc
  • Therapists, Psychologists, Teachers, Health Practitioners
  • Anyone who wants to become a Professional Coach (Life, Business, Executive, Career etc)
  • Course Outline

    FOUNDATION: Introduction to Life Coach
    What is Life Coach & Why do People Need a Life Coach? 
     Life Coach vs Therapy.
     Life Coaching, Consulting and the Niche Coaching
     How to be a successful Life Coach and What does it take to be one?
     NLP and Coaching Presuppositions
    Life Coaching Code of ethics.
    Self Awareness as a Coach.
     Empathy vs Sympathy.
     Helping vs Dependency.
     Overcoming your own fears.
     Getting in the right state.
    FOUNDATION: Getting Started, Structure & Setting Expectations
    Intake Process and Questionnaire.
    General Session Outline.
    General Structure.
    Pre framing.
     Roles and Expectation.
    Coaches Role.
    SKILLS: Communication Techniques - Listening
    Active Listening.
    Reflective Listening.
    Empathetic Listening.
    Communication Blocks.
    SKILLS: Communication Techniques - Questionning
    The Power of Right Questions.
    Types of Coaching Questions.
    Probing Questions.
    Specific Questions.
    TOOLS: Setting Goals
    COACH:  Making goals Achievable.
    Skills and Competencies - Identification and Development.
    Reason for the Goal.
    COACH: Accountability.
    Removing Cues and Triggers.
    Creating a Reward System.
    TOOLS: NLP Processes
    Wheel of Life.
    Re-coding Your Memory.
    Restructuring Your Feelings.
     Milton Model.
     Meta Model.
    MINDSET: Emotional Intelligence as a Coach
    What is Emotional Intelligence.
    Why Emotions are Contagious.
    Identifying Emotions and Non Verbal Communication.
    MINDSET: Growth Mindset & True Confidence
    COACH: Why is the Growth Mindset is the core of Coaching?
    Developing a Growth Mindset.
    PROCESS: Developing Awareness and Mindfulness
    COACH: Developing Self Awareness.
    Present Moment Awareness.
    Present Moment Processing.
    Ecology Check.
     Getting in the right state.
    PROCESS: Empowering Thinking & Self-Talk
    COACH: Helping your client becoming aware of their thoughts.
    Reframing Negative Situations.
    Uncovering Lies.
    Eliminating Excuses 
    PROCESS: Empowering Emotions
    Helping your client becoming aware of their emotions.
    Thoughts create Emotion.
    Stopping it early.
    Situational & Psychological emotion. 
    Accepting your Emotion.
    PROCESS: Empowering Beliefs
    Helping your client becoming aware of their beliefs.
    Hidden Beliefs.
    Questioning Beliefs.
    Changing Limiting Beliefs
    PROCESS: Decision Making & Taking Action
    COACH: Helping your Clients Make Decisions and Move Forward.
    Overcoming Indecision.
    Overcoming Inaction.
    Pain and Pleasure.
    PROCESS: Passion and Purpose
    COACH: Helping your Clients Identify Their Passion and Purpose.
    Discovering Passion.
    Purpose vs Passion.
    Rewriting your Life Story.
    COACH: Helping your clients rewrite their story.
    Identifying  your Life Movie Script.
    Rewriting Your Life Movie Script.
    Making life changes that reflect your new Story.
     Getting in the right state.
    Wrap up & Next Step

    Policies on Payment of training fees, withdrawals and refunds:

    We offer a discount for registering for advance bookings, early bird offers, corporate group and learners who have their group to register to a program and we offer installment payments on case to case basis. Certification and use of our proprietary content is contingent on payment in full. We want our learners to be committed and serious before they register for our program and therefore, we do not offer refunds once payment is made by you. However, you can use your payment for future program with a rescheduling fee of Rs.2500. If you miss more than 20% classes during the course, your participation for that program will be suspended, you can get your classes reinstated with a reinstatement fee of Rs.2500 and we will reschedule you in the upcoming programs.