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    IAPCCT Accredited Emotional Intelligence Certification  Program that gives you control of your emotions and helps you experience a more complete and content life.

Online Emotional Intelligence Certification

→ Do you feel trapped in your own emotions?
→ Have you ever regretted getting angry or frustrated in a particular situation? Have you wanted to be more in control of your emotions?  
→ Wondering how you can be more productive and have better success rates?
→ Wondering how you can handle stress and anxiety?
→ Wouldn't you be excited if you can manage and influence others emotions and create beautiful relationships?
→ Want to connect better with others on both personal and professional life? 
→ Do you want to be a high paid life coach/counselor/corporate trainer? 

If This is what you WANT!!!!! Then you have reached your destination...

We at NLPAcademy-IN have helped thousands of people master the power of mind so they can feel happy no matter what is going around.

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Date : 26 Aug - 03 Sep, 2023

​Level 2

Date : 09 -17 Sep, 2023

Time : 10:30 am - 01:30 pm IST

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Program Details

What will you Learn?
Who Should Attend?


       Many people believe that intelligence, or IQ (intelligence quotient), is what determines success. However, researchers have consistently found that people with average IQ’s outperform those with higher IQ 70% of the time. So, why is that? Its found that the key to a person's inevitable success is emotional intelligence, or EQ. Those people with average IQ were high on  Emotional Intelligence. To transform ones life EI skills and tools are bare essential in today's fast growing world. 

        Not once but many a times its proved by researchers people with high Emotional Intelligence:

        ♦ Have higher performance efficacy (for instance sales representatives with high emotional intelligence outperformed others by 70%)

        ♦ Display optimum productivity (for instance a study of over 11,600 individuals involved in MNCs across the world found that employees in the top 20% of high emotional intelligence give 3 times more productivity      than employees with low emotional intelligence)

        ♦ Exhibit effective problem solving skills and have minimal conflict, both on professional and personal fore ground

        ♦ Make great leaders and have a substantial growth over their lifetime

       The great news is that emotional intelligence is not a fixed/in born skill or trait it can be DEVELOPED!

        The problem is that for most of us, no one has ever helped us explore our emotions and how they work. No one has ever taught us about emotional intelligence. No one teaches us that emotions can be controlled by just identifying them, becoming more aware of our own thoughts and feelings.

        This is where we come for your rescue. We help you learn and develop these tools and technique.

        Low level of emotional intelligence, makes individual struggle with:

        → Life stress

        → Overload of negative emotional responses

        → Incapability to face challenges

        → Dismantled Relationship

     And that’s why we created this program! This complete Emotional Intelligence certification and training program caters you with a step by step process to develop emotional intelligence. This program not only helps you understand and work on your own emotions(INTRApersonal) intelligence, but also helps you understand others' emotions(INTERpersonal) intelligence and build healthy long term relationships.           


                                                                                                                    As we know every individual is different so will their emotions, conflicts and the difficulties or obstacles one will face in the journey of their life. The facilitator makes sure that each of individual identifies their obstacles and then help them identifying the techniques that can help them.. .                                                                                                                                                                             ♦ 25 hours of intense training (2 hours/ day)                               

         Self Exploration* - 2 days/ 7 days(online)

♦ Access to recording for convenience
♦ Easy and usable tools and techniques     
♦ Practice session
♦ User friendly ready-to-use document in pdf format
♦ Certificate of Completion affiliated by IAPCCT
♦ Experience level required: Beginner  
*For Level 2 participants       

What will you Learn?
      • Better understand the cause of your own emotions so that you can shift your own emotional state

      • Identify negative emotions early and avoid triggers, in order to prevent escalation

      • Non-verbal communication and body language

      • Better understanding of others without being influenced into their emotions; Empathy

      • Reduce and release stress and better cope with life events

      • Enhance your self-awareness and social effectiveness.

      • The equation of thoughts and emotions and create an enhanced life experience
      • Reprogram your emotions as and when required.
      • Identify opportunities to use particular emotion.
      • Effective Communication with transparency and positivity.
      • Enhanced people skills and maintain great day-to-day relationships.
      • Develop robust process to achieve success.
      • Conflict intervention – build conflict-proof relationships.
      • Understanding of others mind language.
      • Help self and others to overcome long lasting fears
      • PLUS: Get access to the exclusive online community support group.
Who Should Attend?
        Any individual who is seeking to have control over their emotions and in turn control your life. Individuals who are not able to realize their full potential due to various fears and phobias and want to overcome that. Any individual who has a Relationship - both Personal and Professional.                                                                  
  • HR Heads, HR Managers, Training Managers, L & D Professionals.
  • Trainers/Coaches/Mentors who design and facilitate learning experiences based on learner needs and desired outcomes, viz., trainers, teacher-educators, instructors, etc. from Education and Development domains.
  • CEOs, CXOs, Business Heads, Directors, General Managers
  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners, start-up professionals
  • Senior Leaders, Line Mangers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Sales Professionals, etc
  • Therapists, Psychologists, Teachers, Health Practitioners
  • Home Makers as well as any one who has a relationship
  • Government officials and officials of Public-Sector Undertakings and individuals
  • Course Outline

    Level 1

    Understanding Emotional Intelligence
    Biology and Psychology of EI
    The Body-Mind Emotions Connection
    Thoughts create Emotions
    Emotional Awareness
    Present Moment Awareness
    Understanding and Recognizing your Emotions
    Identifying Triggers
    What do you believe?
    Self Awareness
    Action and Behavior Awareness
    Quality Vs Safe Problem
    Pain and Pleasure in Emotional Intelligence

    Level 2

    Managing Emotions
    Section Intro
    The Pause Button
    Momentum: Pause it early
    Aligning Yourself
    Balancing Emotional Response
    Stop Negative Emotions
    Flow: Channelize the Energy
    Grounding and Breathing
    Emotional Pattern
    Feelings or Thoughts
    Cognitive Reframing
    Emotional Rule
    Emotional Hijacking
    Empowering Thoughts and Beliefs
    Reframing your thoughts
    Changing Limiting Beliefs
    Affirmation and Incantations
    Stress Reduction
    Releasing stress
    Food and Digestion
    Progressive Relaxation

    Level 3

    Is Motivation Real
    Realistic Optimism
    Setting your Sight
    Taking back Control
    Putting yourself First
    Confronting Yourself
    Laughing at Yourself
    Practicing Confidence and Certainty
    Changing your Negative Self Talk
    Experiencing Unconditional Emotions
    Empathy and Compassion
    Basic Emotional Needs
    Unconditional Positive Regard
    Presence with others
    Increasing Empathy
    Types of Empathy
    Empowering Relationship
    Upskilling Communication
    Listening Skills
    Conflict Resolution
    Emotional Bubbles
    Relationship Activities
    Emotional Intelligence for Different Roles
    Home Makers

    Policies on Payment of training fees, withdrawals and refunds:

    We offer a discount for registering for advance bookings, early bird offers, corporate group and learners who have their group to register to a program and we offer installment payments on case to case basis. Certification and use of our proprietary content is contingent on payment in full. We want our learners to be committed and serious before they register for our program and therefore, we do not offer refunds once payment is made by you. However, you can use your payment for future program with a rescheduling fee of Rs.2500. If you miss more than 20% classes during the course, your participation for that program will be suspended, you can get your classes reinstated with a reinstatement fee of Rs.2500 and we will reschedule you in the upcoming programs.