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    takes you on a journey of self-mastery to get what you want and achieving your goals.

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Level 1

Date : 26 - 28 July, 2022

​Level 2

Date : 29 - 31 July, 2022

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Online NLP Practitioner Certification

→ Are you amazed at some people setting crazy super big goals and making it come true?
→ Have you wondered as to how successful people install powerful beliefs in them?
→ Wondering how you can influence others thoughts, feeling and behavior?
→ Wouldn't you be excited if people are amazed at your public speaking skills?
→ Want to come out if all your problems of mind and become super successful? 
→ Do you want to be a high paid life coach/counselor/corporate trainer? 

If YES!!!!! Then you have reached your destination...

We at NLPAcademy-IN have helped thousands of people to become life reformers, Influencers and above all Successful Individuals in their arena. 

What's More??? It comes with a Money Back Guarantee!!!

Any day within a year if you find any program delivering more content than this at a more competitive price or you feel the content delivered is not worth 3x times the money you have paid, reach us, and we would be more than happy to give you a FULL REFUND.

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Program Details

What will you Learn?
Who Should Attend?
Your Commitment


        Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) is the study of the mind and the language on uses to program oneself. Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the fore fathers of NLP believed that every behavioral pattern has an algorithm, a structure to it and anyone's excellence can be analyzed by understanding this structure. This being the base NLP also believes that every person is unique and so is their ask from this very question, "What is NLP?"

        NLP is an in-depth understanding of how mind works and how you can develop excelling strategies tailor made only for oneself. Any successful persons mind program can be analyzed decoded and utilized to provide every individual with the required skill set. To do so NLP has discovered and developed multiple tools and techniques.                                                                     

       This NLP Practitioner Program has been curated to provide you all those multiple tools and techniques to master excellence. The program is designed in such a way that it participant is hand held during the process of understanding their outcome, visualizing their goals, getting clarity on their perspectives and designing strategies accordingly to achieve them.                                                                                                                                                                                       


        As we know every individual is different so will their outcomes, goals and the difficulties or obstacles one will face in the course of achieving it. The facilitator makes sure that each of individual identifies their obstacles and then help them identifying the techniques that can help them.                                                                                                                                                                               54 hours of intense training 

 44+ tools and techniques     
 20+ plus practice session
User friendly ready-to-use document in pdf format as well as learning  manual
 Certificate of Completion affiliated by IAPCCT
  Experience level required: Beginner  

What will you Learn?
      • Enhance your self-awareness and social effectiveness.
      • Reprogram your mind for optimal success and achievement.
      • Identify opportunities for advancing your personal growth.
      • Ability to get people to agree to your ideation
      • Able to build connections with others rapidly.
      • Effectively influence others by using language patterns.
      • Effective Communication with transparency and positivity.
      • Enhanced people skills and maintain great day-to-day relationships.
      • Create a future vision that is in alignment with your values.
      • Develop robust goal-setting process to achieve success.
      • Conflict intervention – build conflict-proof relationships.
      • Understanding of others mind language.
      • Help self and others to overcome long lasting fears
      • PLUS: Get access to the exclusive online community support group.
Who Should Attend?
        Any individual who is seeking to grow in their personal and professional arena. Individuals who are not able to realize their full potential due to various fears and phobias and want to overcome that.HR Heads, HR Managers, Training Managers, L & D Professionals.
  • HR Heads, HR Managers, Training Managers, L & D Professionals.
  • Trainers/Coaches/Mentors who design and facilitate learning experiences based on learner needs and desired outcomes, viz., trainers, teacher-educators, instructors, etc. from Education and Development domains.
  • CEOs, CXOs, Business Heads, Directors, General Managers
  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners, start-up professionals
  • CEOs, Senior Leaders, Line Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Sales Professionals etc
  • Therapists, Psychologists, Teachers, Health Practitioners
  • Government officials and officials of Public-Sector Undertakings and individuals
  • Your Commitment
        • Investment of your most valuable resource - TIME.
        • As it is a residential program, participants will be sharing rooms.
        • Open frame of mind.

    Course Outline
    Level 1:

    FOUNDATION: Introduction to NLP
    What is NLP Really?
    The Basic History of NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming
    Defining NLP
    Basic Terminologies
    The 5 Frames of Success
    Blame Frame
    Outcome Frame
    As-If Frame
    Evidence Frame
    Back Track Frame
    FOUNDATION: Belief of Excellence
    Introduction to the Pre-suppositions of NLP
    Each Person is unique
    Each Experience has a structure

    If one person can do something, then anyone can do it

    There is a solution to every problem

    The mind and body are the parts of the same system

    You cannot not communicate
      The meaning of communication is the effect
     Behind every behaviour is a positive intention
     People are always making the best choice(s) available to them
     There is no failure, only learning
     People have all the resources they need
     What we recognize in others mirrors the structures we hold within ourselves.
    The person with the most flexibility is the most powerful
      Every behavior is useful at some point   
    FOUNDATION: Four Quadrants of Learning
    Unconscious Incompetence.
    Conscious Incompetence.
    Conscious Competence.
    Unconscious Competence.
    FOUNDATION: Four Pillars of NLP
    Sensory Acuity.
    The Five Realities of NLP
    Physical Reality.
    Intellectual Reality.
    Emotional Reality.
     Symbolic Reality.
    Attention Reality.
    TOOLS: The Communication Model
    TOOLS: Filters ofNLP
    TOOLS: Meta Program
    Motivational Traits
    Towards-Away From.
    Big Chunk-Small Chunk.
    TOOLS: NLP Pie
    Internal State
    Internal Representations.
    External Behavior.
    TOOLS: Representation System
    Identifying your primary Representation System.
    Predicate Phrases.
    Body Postures.
    TOOLS: Eye Accessing Cues
    Overview of Eye Accessing cues.
    Eye Pattern Quadrants.
    Eliciting Eye Patterns - Constructed States.
    Eliciting Eye Patterns - Recall States
    TOOLS: Submodalities
    Introduction to Submodalities.
    Visual Submodality Checklist.
    Auditory Submodality Checklist.
    Visual Submodality Checklist.
    PROCESS: Rapport
    Why Learn about Rapport?
    What is Rapport?
    Matching and Mirroring.
    Pacing and Leading.
    Indicators of Rapport.
     Crossover Mirroring.
     Building Rapport over phone.
    TOOLS: Well-formed Outcomes
    Setting Positive Goals.
    Goal-Sensory based specifications.
    Finding the compelling cause.
    Ecology Check.
    Self Initiated and Maintained,
    Stating Context right.
    Resources Sorting.
    Evidence Procedure.
    TECHNIQUE: Walt Disney Strategy
    The Dreamer. 
     The Critic.
     The Realistic.
    Wrap up & Next Step
     Brush up 
     Providing Resources
      Know how on Self Exploration Process
    Introduction to Level 2
    Level 2

    Time Line Coaching
    Visual Squash
    Pain and Pleasure
    Representational Systems – Sub-modalities
    Visual Sub-modality change work
    Anxiety pattern change work
    Getting Rid of Anxiety
    State Elicitation
    State Induction / Anchoring
    Circle of Excellence
    TOTE Model
    Parts Integration – Visual Squash
    Visual Swish
    Godiva chocolate pattern
    Dealing with Criticism
    Fast Phobia Cure
    New Behavior Generator
    Creating Empowering Beliefs
    Changing Limiting Beliefs
    Pattern Interrupt
    Logical Levels of Change
    Discovering your Timeline
    Changing Limiting Decisions
    Releasing Negative Emotions
    Wrap up & Next Step
     Sharing of Resources
     Induction to the NLPAcademy-IN Community- Benefits, Uses
     Instruction to Complete the Tasks

    Policies on Payment of training fees, withdrawals and refunds:

    We offer a discount for registering for advance bookings, early bird offers, corporate group and learners who have their group to register to a program and we offer installment payments on case to case basis. Certification and use of our proprietary content is contingent on payment in full. We want our learners to be committed and serious before they register for our program and therefore, we do not offer refunds once payment is made by you. However, you can use your payment for future program with a rescheduling fee of Rs.2500. If you miss more than 20% classes during the course, your participation for that program will be suspended, you can get your classes reinstated with a reinstatement fee of Rs.2500 and we will reschedule you in the upcoming programs.