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                                               NLP is the new buzzword of the present era. It has added colors to the lives of many new-age entrepreneurs as a tool for personal mastery. It has enhanced the workflow of countless successful coaches around the globe with its sensational change work tools. It is also my longest love affair. I have been training and coaching people in NLP for years. But still when people ask me, "Coach, can you please tell me what NLP is?” I find myself as 'A deer in the headlight'. Though this’s always an interesting question. There are numerous answers and I have to carefully assess which one would suit the questioner. NLP believes that every person is unique so I have to answer the questioner and not the question. Tricky isn’t it?  So how do I answer it? I allow my inner voice to guide me through the huge library inside and when my instinct sends me a tingling signal that this is the answer I stop at that point, pick up the answer and explain the curious soul before me. And the same is the plight as I sit to write the content for this website. But it feels like I have been blindfolded and made to stand in the middle of the busy road. Here I have to answer the questioner who is yet to ask the question and also am not sure who the questionnaire is. Am I answering the entrepreneur who wants to up his business and is looking for a solution in NLP? Am I going to answer the management guy who wants to communicate better to handle the team that is so colorful but yet is not able to work together? Am I talking to the parent who wants to use NLP to manage his/her internal emotional states and that of the teenagers at home?

                     So let me be fair enough to the novice and to the experts and let me do justice to my job as a content writer of the website. Name any successful person in the world, Ronaldo/Bolt in sports or Elon musk in innovation or Warren Buffett in building assets or Tony Robbins in training or any other person successful in any other field they all have one thing in common. They all knew and did something that most of the so-called ‘commoners’ don’t do. That’s the only trump card that makes them look like the amazing wizard of success or the super magnet of all the fortunes. And that one thing is that they knew how to program their mind to be focused on the results they wanted and when something didn’t work they knew how and where to re-channel their emotion and Thought process to reach where they want to reach. In other words, they knew how to manage their thoughts and emotions. Thoughts and emotions- The very two ingredients when left on their own have wrecked so many human lives are the two ingredients they used to cook a super successful dish which makes the normal human into a bull on red bull. NLP mind program is a magical tool that helps you to control your thoughts, and emotions which almost transforms your speech and actions. 

                Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could implant powerful, productive thoughts in our minds all the time? Wouldn’t it be great if we have a choice of how we have to feel all the time? Don’t you think all of us will become superhumans if we know how to use our thoughts and emotions? You want to be super successful, isn’t it? It’s time to explore how you can also become that super productive person you have always wanted to become and become the superhuman you are destined to become. 

I welcome you to explore NLP to explore your success more.

With love,