NLP Academy in Nagercoil & NLP Mind Programming in Nagercoil

Open Programs

NLP Practitioner

6 days content intensive program that provides a complete idea of the basics of NLP and also covers a lots of contents which are available in the masters or advanced modules in most other programs in the country. This is a hands on session where you will be learning NLP concept, Coached using NLP tools and will learn how to use NLP tools in your life as a productivity tool and as a coaching too

NLP Advanced Practitioner

4 days content intensive program which focuses on coaching using peak performance tools of NLP. This is an experiential program which enables you as a coach and trainer to go to the next level.

NLP Master Practitioner

4 days program where new and exciting tools of NLP will be covered. Participants will learn and experiment latest cutting edge tools of NLP. This is a project oriented program where participants will learn magical modeling tools.

Conversational Hypnosis practitioner

This course focuses on creating scripts that induces trance and 6 different trance inductions. The 3 days workshop is very powerful for any coach, Counselor therapist. The program can be also usefull for people looking at being efficient in communication and public speaking or social media presenting

Dream to reality

one day power packed session  that is systematically designed to make you set a goal and design the success journey yourself. This course if for anyone who is serious about what they are doing in life.

Personal mastery

one day deep dive in to the fine details of your everyday life to tweak it to get you discover your own  super high performance strategy

Business mastery boot camp

3 and a half day residential boot camp for entrepreneurs and business men who want to go to the up their game and go to the next level . This is a holistic and wholesome program that looks into every single aspect of life and sharpens it to make you become a high performance person

TA Practitioner

2 days deep dive into the magical world of Transactional Analysis that will enable you to understand and handle people better.

Public speaking mastery

They say the fear of public speaking is more than the fear of death itself. The 2 days Public speaking mastery will enable you to become a crowd pulling speaker. This course is handled by a team of mentors who have created many public speakers in the past.

Brain hacks with NLP

Half a day session mainly focusing on NLP tools for an effective life mastery. This can also give you a glimpse of how powerful NLP can be.